Software Solutions

Technology is the present and will continue to be more so in the future.

Whether it's hardware like machines at an automotive factory or the common home computer, our day to day lives inevitably interact with, and sometimes depend on software.

Being the brains of the computer, or the DNA if you'd prefer; computer software is the deciding factor in a machine's usefulness.

Surprisingly enough well-written software is not commonplace today. This should come as a shock to anyone who is aware that software has been around since the early sixtys. Quite ironically software written in the sixtys was written far more logically and thus less error prone than todays offerings. The main factor for this was of course that the software developers of the time were highly skilled, highly paid mathematicians and scientists. A world away from the average 'web programmer' of today.

Another significant reason for the seeming degradation of quality software today are the available tools. Although on the one hand these tools have a benefit to experienced developers, they can have an adverse effect when put in the hands of less experienced users.

Understanding the general trends which adversely affect software's usefulness is just one reason Chromana has successfully supplied software solutions to the UK's Ministry of Defence and corporate suppliers.

If it's software you're after, and you're technically minded, you should visit our 'software solution cost estimate' page to get an idea of what we may charge. Alternatively, if you're not technically minded and just want a solution to a problem, or to replace some software package which has outgrown it's usefulness, or any other reason you should contact us.

In either case, you will be pleased to learn that our developers have variable hourly rates which are dependent upon which skill set and technologies are used. This usually equates to lower development costs all round!