Welcome to Chromana.

Founded in 2008 after demand in our freelance marketing and technical services became a consistant demand, our small team of specialists in their chosen areas of marketing, design, and technology are working more closely than ever to meet and succeed the needs of our diverse clients.
I was quite nervous about undertaking a technical project as it was not my area of expertise, but after working with Chromana, my fears were removed and the results were perfect!

- Volkswagen
By increasing your brand appeal and developing clear strong messaging through a variety of marketing communication channels your business will flourish.
Chromana Design Services
Exciting designs created to bring your communications to life. From websites to advertisements and flash to 3D, our creative expertise delivered with impact.
Chromana Technical Services
Bespoke software applications tailored precisely to your needs. We ensure that your tools allow you to communicate faster, work more efficiently and be more productive.